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Corporate videos for Real Estate Agencies

Benefits of corporate video in Real Estate

Importance and reach of audiovisual tools

The process of selling or buying a home is not an easy task. The documents, the meetings with the seller and the buyer, the manager, the legal documents so that everything is in order. There are many operations that if we had to carry it out on our own, it might take longer than expected. We do not have the professionalism and experience of real estate agents, and although we often think that their commission is high, behind it is continuous and busy work, which on many occasions is hindered by financial, legal or even family problems.

Corporate videos for real estate agents

The treatment of the agents towards the buyers and sellers is of the utmost importance, since for a period of time, the agent becomes the guide of the buying-selling process, and the doubts on both sides are resolved by him. Therefore, showing the day-to-day activities of the company, the offices and the successes obtained in a corporate video can be of great help when choosing our real estate agency to sell or buy your home.

The corporate video in this type of company is of great importance, since with the transparency of the message that we transfer through the video, we will generate trust in the client and a clear vision of our business activity.

On the other hand, another significant use of corporate video is the visualization of the houses available in audiovisual format. Many people, due to their jobs, do not have enough time to see a house. But if you can do it through the small demonstration videos, your perception of the house will be much closer than with simple photos. It is true that the decision to buy a home is a very sensitive issue and that a visit to the house is a must, but the video helps to create a perception that will later be confirmed with the visit.

It has been shown that more than 85% of people prefer audiovisual content, and that the use of it on company websites increases their desire to buy. Introducing a corporate video as a communication tool in a real estate company can be an investment that will be rewarded in a short term by strengthening ties between clients and agents.


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