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Get faster results with content marketing

This strategy is an ally of inbound marketing when it comes to attracting customers to your website.

Content marketing is a strategy for producing relevant content for a company's target audience. It is usually used within a sales process, to attract users. It is usually included in the inbound marketing process.


Customer attention is the most valuable asset for companies that invest in digital marketing as a strategy. There is a range of choices to be made beyond content marketing. Paid ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social networks, and sites focused on conversion are some examples.

A survey by online analytics company Chartbeat took an in-depth look at user behavior. In all, there were 2 billion visits to the web during a month. The study revealed that most people who click don't read.

Generally, a standard reader can spend 15 seconds on a page. The challenge is to attract this user's attention for longer. Research revealed that 55% of the surveyed audience spends less than 15 seconds on a website. Pages that keep a visitor for more than three minutes are more likely to return them to the site than if they only stayed a minute.


Your content production needs to stand out from the rest and capture customer attention. One option is to opt for content differentiation, without distractions, and that takes exactly what he needs to know. Be ubiquitous across channels and spread the word so everyone knows where your brand stands.

Content is an important weapon to build relationships with your client: be aware, bring trust, and credibility, and create a reputation with the public. It is necessary to have a clear plan, and a documented strategy and invest in the qualification of the team that will carry out this work.

Produção de conteúdo

The strategy in numbers

A study carried out by Rock Content in 2016 on the performance of practices related to content marketing in Brazilian companies evaluated how employees perceived the company's strategy. The survey involved 2725 participants across the country.

In 2015, for example, 69% of companies adopted content marketing as a strategy, and, in 2016, this number practically did not change: 70% of companies used this practice as a strategy. The main reason given for not using the practice in an institution was the lack of knowledge of its techniques and objectives, which is, basically: engaging its target audience through the creation of relevant content.

These companies also reported having 4x more website visits with the strategy. Likewise, an increase of 5x more leads was noticed in relation to companies that did not adopt the actions.

The production of content is an important action within inbound marketing, as it manages to increase the traffic of visits to the website and social networks and bring good results for your brand. In the survey, it was found that 31% of companies document their strategy, and these same companies consider themselves 50% more successful.

Improve your internet presence

Designing and planning digital marketing strategies for a business to grow using the internet is not an easy task. But, you understand more about this universe, in addition to preparing and structuring good actions online.



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